Comprised of the four California Chapters, we serve as a champion for pediatricians and their work to provide the best healthcare for their patients.

Advocating for All California Children and Pediatricians
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Advocating for California Pediatricians

AAP-CA works to raise the voices of physicians at a state-level to create policy change and to continue prioritizing the needs and well-being of all childrenin California.

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Training ourFuture Leaders

The Section on Pediatric Trainees (SOPT) empowers future pediatricians to take action in local advocacy and become regarded as leaders in child health. We aim to be the central source of information, education, and networking for pediatric trainees.

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Already a member of National AAP? Become a member of your local California Chapter to receive additional benefits in advocacy, networking, and education. Become involved in advocacy at a local level and make connections with other like-minded pediatricians.

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Join us for the 41st Annual Las Vegas Seminars

This year’s Annual Las Vegas Seminars will be held on November 21-24, 2019. Learn from our many excellent speakers about how to approach the issues that current pediatricians are facing.

CA pediatricians strongly support this much-needed update to health education in CA schools! Thank you @AsmShirleyWeber, author of...

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